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A highly concentrated oriental herbal premium essence with dewy absorption. HwaYul rejuvenating line has the powerful vitality of CheolPiSeokGok (main ingredient of Hwayuldan) to control environmental and behavioral aging. This highly concentrated essence penetrates into skin and adds moisture and radiance so the skin becomes smooth and supple. A soft, luxurious texture like silk quickly absorbs to skin and gives a firm, smooth and super soft finish. Ampoule Essence, which is a soft and comfortable spread of active ingredients of fine particles, and a firm silk-like texture that is absorbed excellently on the skin and gives a firm feeling of firmness.
The History of Whoo’s Cheonyuldan line, which is a luxury and complete anti-aging regeneration line that adds moisture and radiance, providing skin balance to reach its ideal healthy, beautiful state. A rich, soft-textured total anti-aging line formulated with a powerful elixir from orchid flowers and Premium medicinal herbal ingredients to deeply moisturize and re-contour the facial lines, creating a nourishing moisture barrier while keeping skin radiant and firm. The light herbal scent from the Cheonyuldan Ultimate Rejuvenating Collection revives your mind from within. The silky texture instantly melts into the skin to leave a smooth and radiant finish and helps energize support skin’s natural renewal process.
After using Balancer, pump an appropriate amount and softly apply from the center of the face in outward motion. Gently cover the face with the palms of your hands to help the essence penetrate deeper into your skin.