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his The First Geniture Special Set contains:



  • Skin Softener 150ml + 20ml
  • Emulsion 145ml + 20ml
  • Ampoule Advanced 20ml


  • Essence  5ml
  • Cream Intensive 7ml
  • Eye Cream 10ml


  • Cell Essential Source 40ml
  • Lip Balm (Red/Pink)Skin Softener:
  • A moisturizing skin softener helps control skin content balance and turns skin with resilience.Emulsion:
  • Controls oil and moisture balance of your skin to replenish skin condition.Essence:
  • Recharges skin with resilience and delivers essential nutrients to skin.Cell Essential Source:
  • A toner offers complete care for your skin to fill it with rich nutrients.Cream Intensive:
  • Improves skin texture with deep nourishing care to protect skin.

How to use:

Skin Softener:




  • Dispense a moderate amount on hands and dab on face for better absorption. Gently press on areas for further absorption.Emulsion:
  • Apply an appropriate amount on face after using essence and dab for better absorption.Essence:
  • After applying ampoule, apply a moderate amount on areas in aging process, such as face and neck line, dab for better absorption.Cell Essential Source:
  • After using skin softener, apply a moderate amount on face and gently press with hand warmth.Cream Intensive:
  • Use at the last step of skin care routine, apply about a pearl-size amount on face and gently press face with palm to make it absorb with warmth.
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