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OHUI Age Recovery 4pcs Special Set

1. OHUI Age Recovery  Skin softener  — 150ml

2. OHUI Age Recovery  Emulsion  ——– 140ml
3. OHUI Age Recovery  Essence  ———   25ml
4. OHUI Age Recovery  Cream  ————  30ml
——————–   Special Set  ————————–
5. OHUI Age Recovery Skin Softener   ——— 20ml
6.OHUI Age Recovery Emulsion —————– 20ml
7.OHUI Age Recovery Eye Cream  For All   — 20ml
8.OHUI Age Recovery Cream  ——————-   7ml
9.OHUI Age Recovery Eye Cream ————–   5ml
10.OHUI Age Recovery Wrinkle Cut Serum —   4ml
11.OHUI Age Recovery Essential Mask  ——– 27g x 1ea
1. OHUI Age Recovery  Skin softener  — 150ml
– Essential type of high-concentration oil-based skin that contains essential nutrients to make skin foundation.
2. OHUI Age Recovery  Emulsion  ——– 140ml
– This product is made of skin friendly ingredients like baby collagen and fatty acid.
  It is a smooth and moist anti-wrinkle emulsion that gently spreads over face according to skin’s temperature and makes the skin condition optimised by delivering essential nutrition.
3. OHUI Age Recovery  Essence  ———   25ml
– This product is an essence that recovers a young and resilient skin by filling the baby collagen decreased with advancing years
  It contains the same baby collagen ingredients as our skin, so it closely sticks to our skin upon application
  It is high functional but mild, not thick, so appropriate to use throughout the four seasons for anti-aging
  It helps reduce skin wrinkles
4. OHUI Age Recovery  Cream  ————  30ml
– This product is a skin tightening cream that makes a firm and resilient skin by filling up the baby collagen decreased with advancing years and by holding the filled up baby collagen for a long time.
  The delicately tangled up cream like a skin texture sticks to skin as if it fills in the fine gaps along the skin texture.
  After absorbed, it provides your skin with a sensation of dense and firm resilience like tightening your skin along the skin texture.
Hide Your Skin’s Age: Dedicated anti-aging skin care line to fundamentally address skin aging. O HUI age recovery.

Based on years of in-depth knowledge on skin aging, O HUI age recovery leverages advanced properties and technology to uncover and address all signs of skin aging.


1. After years of research, O HUI’s anti-aging studies present rHDSCP™-a key ingredient in the dermal stem-cell culture fluid.

O HUI’s distinct recombinant culture fluid rHDSCP™ was developed through collaboration with a leading French institution and a prestigious university on skin stem cell rHDSCP™ contains a wide range of effective ingredients to care for the skin and transform aged skin into healthy skin.


2. Baby collagen™, featuring Type-3 collagen, a crucial element of youthful skin that reduces wrinkles and boosts elasticity. Baby collagen™, improves skin’s ability to reduce th look wrinkles, transforming to a more youthful beginning with baby soft skin. The secret is to build up the baby collagen, one of the 27 collagen, which is abundant in baby, tending to decline with age, eventually comprising only 20 percent of collagen in adult.

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