Size: 45mL Whoo’s exclusive essence of imperial whitening formula with precious pearl-wild ginseng enhances the skin tone while engraving skin layer with crystallinity.

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Formulated with pearl ginseng extract by ‘Myunghacho’ technique, which is a traditional heating method of Asian herbal ingredients. this essence increases the clarity and brightness of your skin, leading to a healthier and luminous complexion.

This brightening essence helps increase brightness, manage blemishes, and visibly firms.  The nourishing formula delivers long-lasting moisture while leaving the skin soft and silky.

THE HISTORY OF WHOO Gongjinhhyang Seol Radiant Whitening Essence is a lauded royal court, medicinal formula that contains Chilhyangpalbaeksan, White Chrysanthemum and rare wild Ginseng extract to both protect the skin and enhance strength, caring for dark spots and dullness and improving radiance. This silky essence absorbs quickly into skin, targeting melanin formation to reduce and lighten spots as well as uneven skin tone.

Key points:

  • Oriental medicine-based whitening formula
  • Anti Aging through ginseng extract
  • Expresses long-lasting bright complexion
  • Instant brightening effect
  • Leaves skin smooth, supple and radiant